March 23, 2008

Easter Pics...

Okay...first things first. I thought it was so cool when my Grandma got a Facebook account a couple of months ago but tonight she made me super excited. She started a BLOG!! Everyone needs to go visit her and leave her a "Welcome to Blogworld" comment :-}

Now on with the Easter weekend...

We had a wonderful Saturday. A bunch of friends came over to have lunch and egg hunt! We even celebrated little Riley's 1st Birthday (which was today). He had such a good time playing with all the BIG kids! Now he's not a baby's a little sad. But Marissa and Amber are next :-} Papa and Hailey-B Miss Allyson... She was all pretty in pink!
I wish I could have gotten a picture of the kids coming out the door! We made them line up smallest give them a head start :} They were so ready to get some eggs...there had to have been like 150 eggs in our backyard!! And a big thank you to Andrea and Neato for bringing the chalk! It was such a big hit!!
Hailey was off and running!Since Riley was the birthday boy he got the most awesome basket..."Thanks Ms. Jeanette for helping me"Hunting by the woodpile....Jack did much better egg hunting this day...he was going in all the bushes looking for eggs!

Ralston had a great time! He just kept wondering where the Jeep was?!?Looks like Rachel has a full bucket!

Hailey looks like she's ready for a break...time to check out the loot!

Uncle Bubba even got off work early and came by to check out Mike's awesome ribs and all the excitement!L to R: Jack, Riley, Ralston, Allyson, Rachel, Hailey, and Noah!

We managed to get all the kids on the swing for a Kodak moment! I think between these two shots you can see every one's faces :-)

By the end of the hunt Riley figured it out....The best way to get a basket full of eggs is to be like Swiper and take one while they are busy opening candy!!

We had a wonderful afternoon and missed all who weren't able to make it.

I will post pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits tomorrow...this post is a little long and if you're still reading it you are a great blogbuddy!!


Doris said...

Hey Blogbuddy! I love your Easter Pics. It looks like you had a wonderful day at your house on Sat. The weather was beautiful all week-end. I check your Blog first thing(before I even check my e-mail).

Dawn said...

You got a picture of all the kids hunting! That's great! I was a little obsessed with just Allyson; I guess since it was her first egg hunt.

I love the "pink" picture!

Dawn said...

Oh, I meant to tell you, Mike was stoked that you mentioned his RIBS! :D

Sarah said...

I can't believe you got pictures of all the kids either. You are such a good blogger. Thanks for the great party.

Vader's Mom said...

I love all the photos and I don't even know anyone in them.

Looks like a fun time!!

Andrea said...

Thanks for hosting a great Easter party. We had a lot of fun. Your pictures are great. It's amazing that you can take so many pictures while trying to keep up with two kids and hosting a party.

Tabby said...

Looks like the best easter egg hunt EVER! Wish we could have been there! I can't believe how big Allyson and Riley are...they are running with the big kids now!