March 3, 2008

Prayers Please

I think Darren has the flu....he is never sick so this is really bad for him. He even called into work tonight which he has NEVER done. Even in the 6 years in the military he never called in sick! Please keep him and us in your prayers. I really don't want me or the kids especially to get it. He has a doctors apt. tomorrow morning so hopefully they can put him on some good meds to help him start feeling better. Right now he's just taking some overthecounter flu meds and they are working okay....The big thing is that he has college finals in Valdosta on Wednesday! So please pray that he get feeling well enough to make the trip and take them.

Thank you.....


Aric and Amber said...

Ok, just said a little prayer for all four of you! I hope you guys don't catch it. A friend of mine in TX (krystal) her husband came home with the flu and she had a left a similar post.

Good luck to you!

Dawn said...

Hope Darren gets to feeling beter soon!

You guys are in our prayers.