March 14, 2008

Spring is coming!!

I'm getting so ready for Spring...I'm loving all the little flowers that are starting to bloom around here. This past week at the kids preschool, Hailey kept telling me how much she loved the yellow flowers and white trees!
This is the Bradford Pear....It's the white tree that Hailey notices all over town. She says she wants one in her yard :-) I really like them too...they make such pretty trees even when they are done blooming. They are very round.

This is probably the prettiest flower though...the dogwood...we have three in our front side yard but they haven't started blooming yet...little buds but no flowers.

We planted some small flowers with the kids yesterday. I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm sleepy and I'm going to try to get to bed before midnight!

Happy Spring!!


Vader's Mom said...

If only my allergies liked spring as much as my eyes do!

Tabby said...

Beautiful pictures Stacia! Did you take them yourself? I am so excited that spring is near! Of course it is nearer to you than it is to me. :P
Hopefully I'll be able to get out and do some planting this year....last year I was too big and pregnant.

Stacia said...

Yes, I took the pictures at Hailey's school. Thank you! Hope Spring makes it's way up to you soon!

Dawn said...

We have two Bradfords in our front yard. They are very pretty, but you can smell the pollen from them.

I love spring, too!