March 21, 2008

Lizards, Peeps, and Eggs...Oh My!!!

So the kids and I found a new friend in the back yard a couple of days ago! He's little, green, and very fast! We've seen him two days in a row and they just think he's so cool!Can I keep him, Mommy?!?

Darren helped me make snack for Jack's K-2 class last night! We had fun...they turned out really cute. I got the idea from the current Family Fun magazine.

Didn't they turn out cute...Peeps driving Swiss Rolls!
Today was Jack and Hailey's Easter Egg Hunt at school. Jack's class went first. Here they are on their way out!
Jack had lots of fun but really didn't want to reach for any eggs that were hidden in the bushes
:-}Love this pic! You can see his little dimple under his eye!See my eggs!! Hailey's class went later that morning. She was so excited!!Now she's getting intense!

I found one in the tree, Mommy!!

Look at all my eggs, aren't they beautiful!?!My sweet girl.... Jack mowed the grass at recess!
Hailey wanted a picture of her going down the slide :-}
Hope everyone is having lots of fun with all their Easter activities!!
Happy Friday!


Vader's Mom said...

Love that Easter treat! It's precious.

We had the Easter bunny visit our office last night and this morning I found one of the two prize eggs!! Who knew work could be so fun.

Sarah said...

You got some good easter hunt pics. Most of mine were just the back of the kids. I love those b&w pics. Your kids look so sweet.

Sarah said...

Does your new pet have a name?

Tabby said...

You are such the little Martha Stewart! I am so impressed! And I love that b&w of Hailey. She looks so grown up. Miss you!

Shannon said...

I absolutely LOVE the dimple shot of Jack and the profile b&w of Hailey. Great photos cousin! Love you! Happy Easter!