January 9, 2008

2nd set of party pictures :-)

Okay...so it was just a user error....some of the pictures were too BIG....why blogger just wouldn't tell me that I don't know...but anyway...I finally figured it out and here are the pictures from Kaitlyn's birthday party.
Kaitlyn is our sweet little friend that we met when we first moved back home. She is our realtor's baby and my mom was also keeping her during the day until our Memaw moved in with my parents. She is just a few months younger than Jack and we've already arranged their marriage!! Hailey, like a light switch, changed moods and became quite the little entertainer. She was very happy at this party. Jack had TWO pieces of cake here and more icecream! Oh my goodness! I can't believe he didn't throwup that night :-P
So I just had to post some pictures of when Jack and Kaitlyn were little! This was around Easter of 2006. How cute are they?!? Janice, her mom, was always jealous that my baby boy had more hair than her baby girl :-) This was their first Halloween. Jack was Nemo and Kaitlyn was a Jack-o-Lantern. We went trick-or-treating around my mom's neighborhood. How time has flown by!

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