January 2, 2008

Santa came last week...But the BRAMLETTS came this weekend!!

So me and the kids have only been counting down the days since last June when our very dear friends, the Bramletts, would come back to visit...and get their car :-) First we were telling Hailey Turkey Day, but Brett Farve won that holiday, then we thought before Christmas, no...that's when they moved from TX to FL, so we got them for New Year's!! It was worth the wait!! We had a wonderful weekend....too short but we are so thankful they are close and know that we can go see them or they can come back up whenever!

This is Sage, Ralston, Hailey and Noah at church Sunday night. They were so ready to go play with each other!!
Sarah and Larry got each other a Wii for Christmas. They are so the cool kids now! We want them to come over every night :-) (But they have to bring their game) We all went to Tabby and Ben's Sunday night. This is Larry and Ben boxing each other. We locked the babies up anyway we could :-) Just kidding!! This is Riley, he's Sarah's little one! He is our happy baby, smiles for everyone. He'll be one in March. Such a cutie!Okay...back to the boxing...you know you are getting old or out of shape when you have to take a break after each game...your arms get so sore!! The kids did so good for it to be so late! Sage was reading the kids stories. Noah doesn't look too impressed here! He's probably heard this one A Hundred times!! Mine however thought the air mattress was the coolest trampoline ever!! And love ALL of Sage's stories! Poor Isabelle's room survived all the chaos thank goodness :-) Ms. Tabby-Abby and Ms. Brama-Lama-ding-dongWe played a little Wii with Darren since he worked the night before. Sarah boxed him (they love to fight each other) and she knocked him out in less than 30 seconds!!Then it was my turn...I knocked him out too...but the next round he knocked me out so we're even!On New Year's Eve we went to the church to play games, eat, and have fun! We played Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Tabby and Andrea so won that! And then we played Fact or Crap, my mom won that won....she knows her Crap!! Tabby said it's cuz she's full of it :-) Here is Allyson (Dawn and Mike's baby). She has the cutest laugh in the world! She kind of laughs at you and knows just the right moment to do it :-) We were cracking up at her! Okay...before the night was over we had to get a picture of all the girls.
left to right:
Me, Sarah, Amber, Tabby, Dawn, Andrea
Goofing off!

Hope all had a great New Year's eve!

And I want to say Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad! Jan. 1st 1977 they got married! I'm trying to find their wedding album so I can post some pictures from their special day!


Brian and Jeanette said...

hey, Stacia,
how do you link other's blogs on your own? I can't seem to do it?


Tabby said...

All I want to know is....where was Amber's hand during that one picture??? hmmmm???? I bet Dawn could answer that!

Aric and Amber said...

YEAH!!!! We made the title of someone's blog!!!! I feel so special. Can we keep re-living this past weekend??? I think I need one of those weekends more often!

Sarah said...

This weekend was the best. I think the Bramletts should come up every month. Although I don't want to admit it, Darren actually beat me. But if you want to leave it like it is, I'm okay with that.

Stacia said...

Oh my GOSH!!! Sarah posted on my blog!!! :-) That's one step closer to her getting her own blog!! And yes, I'll leave my post like it is....better that way!