January 12, 2008

Check out these Pictures

So my cousin Shannon took some awesome pictures of my mom's house all decorated for Christmas. They are so pretty....looks like something from a magazine! You have to check them out on her blog...click HERE. Or click on Shannon under sites i visit. She is really talented and has even started her own business.


Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

Thanks! You're sweet. I think I prefer taking photos of things that don't move on their own accord! lol I'm only partially kidding. I enjoy taking pictures in general, but I do love stock photography. We'll see if I ever break into that particular field or not. In the mean time, I just enjoy taking them. Love ya!

Dawn said...

Those pics were great. Your mom's house did look so beautiful. We enjoyed the Merry Mug party so much. All the decorating just made us feel so welcome, warm, and cozy. Jan should start a blog, I think! :)