January 25, 2008

Times Gone By

So while looking for my mom's wedding album....which we still haven't found....I remembered I had this CD with a buch of old pics on it that we used for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party a few years ago. Hoping to find some of my parent's wedding photos on it I found so much more that I wanted to share. I love these two people so much and I'm so proud to call them my grandparents.
So this is when it started...they met in highschool and weren't they so beautiful?!? My grandadaddy is E.Y. and my grandma is Doris.
They were both in the marching band. My grandad was the drum major. I think this was his senior year. They went on all kinds of trips together and have so many good memories of this fun time that they shared. Graduation Day 1954They got married on Thanksgiving Day 1954. They lived down in Miami where they grew up. This is my mom! She was their second child. This dress is a little cream one with pink rose buds on it. She saved it and we have pictures of Hailey wearing it!!I just thought this picture was funny...very James Dean like!! Isn't he so cute :-) I'm not sure which baby that is though...I'm going to guess my aunt sue-sue...someone tell me if I'm wrong!Here's a good pic of the stairsteps! Mike, Jan (my mom), Suzanne, and Steve. Four kids in five years! Wow!!More pictures of all the kids growing up....Here's one right out of the 70's! My mom is top right. Love the beehive grandma!! Here is a wedding shot! That's my mom getting ready. They got married Jan. 1st 1977.Getting ready to walk down the aisle. Now I just have to find a picture with my dad :-) This one is just for kicks....This was like 97 or 98...my grandaddy is a HUGE Harley guy and drove from Florida to the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. He got in a really bad accident with himself and the bike and his pull along popup camper.... in the rain....on a hill...not good. This was when we all picked him up at the airport. Poor thing was so hurt. His jaw was even wired shut. But we are just glad he's still here!! He still has a Harley and loves to ride....just not all the way to North Dakota and not pulling a camper!


Andrea said...

Hey Stacia,
I'm so glad you got your computer fixed. Our computer crashed last year and I lost a lot of pics. Your mom looks so much like her mom and you do too. I had to look at the pic of your mom getting married twice to make sure it wasn't you.

Dawn said...

Those are really neat! Now that they are are on your blog, you'll have them forever!

Aric and Amber said...

I love that you shared those! I love those pics, I could tell by the first one that was your mom's mother!

Shannon said...

wow...i didn't realize how long ago Gpa's accident was. raymond and tyler are so little!! I actually have a couple great pix of your mom and dad that my dad took a long time ago. Unfortunately they're still on slides that I haven't got put on cd. I confiscated them from my mom cause they were just sitting in a bag in a closet. I'd never even seen them before. I guess I found out where i got my love of photography from. =) dad was big into slide film though and some great shots are hiding on them. when do you need the pictures by? I could at least try to get prints of those few i found of aunt jan & uncle mo.