January 8, 2008

So I tried three times to upload pictures from this weekend but no luck....I guess blogger is having some technical difficulties. My mommy turned 50 this past Friday!! We took her out to eat....she wanted Krystals (don't you just love her) and then went back to the house for icecream cake! The kids had lots of fun helping Grandma blow out her candles. It was party weekend for us because the next day we went to Ralston's third birthday party. It was loads of fun for the kids, and adults too :-) Then off to Kaitlyn's second birthday party right after that! Again great times! But let me tell you...my kids were so hyped up on sugar after that they were ruined. I think we just went home and sent them to bed. It still took all of Sunday to get them completly detoxed! I will try very hard to post some pictures of the fun filled weekend tomorrow. I'm actually going to try to get to bed before 11pm tonight...that's like a HUGE accomplishment for me!

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