January 29, 2008

Super Saturday!

We had a great time Saturday....you'll have to link to all my friend's blogs to get the full picture. I think everybody had a camera and we all were taking all kinds of pics so some are better than others... I know AMBER already has some on hers....

So are festivities were all for Ben and Tabby! They moved to VA yesterday for a new job. I'm going to miss them so much.

First we went to Sonny's BBQ for some eatin'

Sarah went for some gambling....she was betting on everything! I tried to get a picture of her squirting the hot BBQ sauce in her mouth, but I missed it. This was the after picture though!

This is Larry and Aric (Sarah and Amber's husband's) Don't you LOVE Larry's shirt?!? It says "I'm Bringing Nerdy Back" with a picture of Bert on it from Sesame Street :-) Only he could wear that and be cool!! Aric was trying to win a trophy for most rib reorders in one sitting!! We thought the waiter was going to quit coming back to check on us. We were all done and he'd say...I'd like another order of ribs please :-) This was the other table.

(L to R)Brian, Mike, Ben, Tabby, Bry, Jeanette, Dawn, Andrea, Neato, and Joe

On the way to the bowling alley! Me, Amber, Sarah, and Tabby! Such a fun ride!! Tabby changed her shirt on the way and Amber almost lost her pants and we are so G-rated!! No alcohol or drugs of any kind. Just pure ol' fun!! And no children...that's the kicker! So then after our awful bowling game, but so much fun! We went to Steak n Shake for dessert. By this time we were just laughing for no reason at all, well ...maybe because Amber was singing New Kids on the Block, but still we were laughing a lot.



Make sure to check out DAWN, ANDREA, TABBY, & JEANETTE's blogs too for their pics of the night.


Shannon said...

I know the Maddox Family. her husband was in Cornerstone and Jenny was in several of my classes since she was an Elementary Ed major as well. I just saw her Saturday actually. She sells Partylite and she did my friend, Lacy's show.

Dawn said...

Those were great! I love the picture of us at THE OTHER TABLE!

Oh, and I KNOW what the last picture was, YA BLUE JERK!! =]

Andrea said...

I thought I recognized that pocket.

Sarah said...


Aric and Amber said...

I LOVE THE LAST PICTURE!!! I am laughing so hard now!

Thanks for not mentioning that someone ruined the bbq sauce picture!!!!

You'll have to email me the one from in the car.

My kids still haven't gotten sick.....

Tabby said...

I love the last picture too! I laughed out loud at that one! KACHOW!! :D