January 5, 2008

First and Last

  • First Memory-playing in snow with my dad when I was maybe 3 (we lived in D.C.)
  • First Real Kiss-D.J. Salinas I was in the 7th grade...my 14th birthday party
  • First Love-Darren
  • First Thing You Think In The Morning-no...just a little longer
  • First Pet-the first pet that I got to go get was a grey tabby cat and we named her Suzie (my parents had dogs before I was born that were theirs)
  • First Question You'll Ask In Heaven-I have no idea
  • First Thing You Think Of When You Hear The Word Vacation-Relaxing on a beach front
  • First Best Friend-Keri Glasscock
  • Last Time You Dressed Up-well if chruch doesn't count...My mom's merry mug party
  • Last Thing You Ate-chicken quesidillas
  • Last CD You Bought-veggie tales christmas sing along for Hailey
  • Last Good Book You Read-Power of a Praying Wife (currently reading)
  • Last Time You Cried-two weeks ago...argument with Darren
  • Last Time You Told Someone You Loved Them-tonight when I tucked the kids into bed
  • Last Really Funny Thing You Did-Today I took a princess gift bag to a little boys birthday party because 1. It was the only bag that fit the gift and 2. He told his mom a few days before he wanted to have a princess party just like Hailey's... I thought it was a little funny.
  • Last Thing You Watched On TV-Spongebob, with the kids....Iknow...it's pittiful


Aric and Amber said...

Sarah posted on your blog!!! I am so jealous. I think Aric now wants a wii instead of an xbox 360---I'm pretty excited about that! And I think that dressing up for church so counts. Especially on the Sundays where you have to get a 4 and 2 year old dressed by yourself!

Marie said...

Hailey is cute, my 13 month old already has those "looks" but usually when we are saying NO. I would agree, dressing up for church counts when you still look dressed up after dressing TWO busy babies (I'm assuming they're busy at 2 & 4).