October 28, 2008

Arbor Day....Sort of!

A week ago we had our own Arbor Day!! Mr. Tom has been growing an apple seedling for us since this spring and it was ready to be planted. He has a huge apple tree in his yard and this tree sprouted right next to it so now it's in our yard! The kids were so excited to watch this momentous occasion.
They wanted to know every little thing he was doing.
Hailey loved digging through the dirt looking for bugs/worms. I am so dumb-founded how she can handle this but will totally freak out when the tiniest crumb is on her napkin or finger!

Hailey got to help put some 'good dirt' on the top!
Jack got a turn at it too!My sweet little boy!
(He's been in big boy underwear since Wednesday!! Yea!!)
They are going to take good care of their apple tree!! We love our Mr. Tom and they kept thanking him for planting their new tree. Hailey has checked on it many times and says it has already grown a little bit. :-)

I'll keep catching up on our past week... we've had lots of fun :-)


Doris said...

What a nice thing for Mr Tom to do. That is a nice size tree to have been started from a seedling last Spring. The children will think it is dead when it starts dropping its leaves soon.
We had some light snow flurries this morning and now the sun is shining.

Amber said...

Congrats on the big boy underwear! The picture of Hailey playing in the dirt...she looks gorgeous!

Ben and Tabby said...

Yay for big boy underwear! I'm so jealous that you have an apple tree in your yard...and that you live down the street from Mr. Tom! :) I love Hailey's Halloween outfit.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE trees! We have planted so many trees in the 3 years that we have been in our house. The pic of Hailey looking into the camera as her hands are in the dirt is the BEST!! Send Mr. Tom to my house when you are done with him.

Me said...

what a nice backyard!! all green and shady! can you fix me a signature block for November, pretty please?!

Sarah said...

Miss Joyce told me y'all had a little tree planting ceremony. Looks like fun. If your tree sprouts another, I call it.