October 10, 2008

Halloween Project #2

So my next project was super simple... I took some of these...along with some brown wooden candlesticks that I found on sale....And got out the black spray paint again!! My foyer table before:The foyer table now: All 'spooked' out!! I can't believe how nice the candlesticks turned out. You can't even tell they are spray painted!! I think I've found a new addiction. Hailey loves these little skeleton heads. She makes sure they are in the same order (in case I move them she puts them back) "See no evil, Talk no evil, Hear no evil" :-) What would I do if she didn't keep me straight?!? The first night I had them lit she leaned over to "get a closer look" and came back with singed eyelashes and a red spot on her upper cheek!! She now knows to stay a safer distance back ;-)

Thanks to my mom (the shop-aholic) Here is our dining room table.
These guys however were one of my first Halloween purchases after I got married. They were calling my name when I was working at the little Hallmark in Wyoming. I still think they are super cute.
And the choice garland for the chandelier....some creepy black stuff.

Now my table in the kitchen was all done up for fall, again thanks to my mom. She just can't help herself....it's like she's playing dress up with dolls only it's house stuff!!
But my super sweet secret pal (who soon will be revealed!) gave me this crazy cat mug and sparkle plates in my birthday/Halloween basket and I just loved them!! I realized the bottom of the mug said Cracker Barrel so I ran there to see if they had more.....
They did!! Three more designs and they were on sale!! Love them :-)
So now my kitchen table looks like this: All thanks to my secret pal....whoever she may be!!

Outside has been fun too... I put up some lights.
(yes, Sarah...we still haven't pressure washed the front step. If it doesn't get done this weekend we will bring you your pressure washer back and just leave it there till next year!)
But these are my favorite! I've seen them in the Martha Stewart magazines for years and now you can buy them pre-made and just cling them to your windows at Michael's (I had to cut mine due to the window panes--it took some patience) But I love it!! Hailey's room has the witch.Jack's room has the skeleton!And to top it off we added our own little graveyard!!
I've got one more project on my list...I hope to get it done tomorrow....along with the laundry :-) Happy Haunting!!


Jenny said...

So cute! Those window clings are great! I have some of the sparkly plates (my mom bought them for us).

LOVE the story of Hailey and the candle...too funny!

Sarah said...

I LOVE all your spooky decorations. Your house looks so festive. I think you have to throw a Halloween party now.

I completely forgot about that pressure washer. I guess you can tell how often we use it.

Vader's Mom said...

Adorable!!! I really love your foyer table.

Ben and Tabby said...

You are such a good decorator! Now if I can get Amber to come "nest" at my house, and you to come decorate, then I would be all set!!

Bry and Joe said...

I'm so jealous!! You're decorations look awesome!! I'm with Sarah on your hosting a Halloween party! :)

Dawn said...

Yes, have a Halloween party! You could have it Halloween. You must! We'll all bring goodies and after dinner, we'll all go trick-or-treating!

Stacia said...

I do have a nice neighborhood to trick-or-treat in... I just might have to think about it :-)

The Littlefields said...

Stacia, everything looks awesome. You are so creative. Looks like your kiddos are going to have a spooky and fun Halloween!

Amber said...

You do need to have a Halloween party, even if I can't come! I love the things that you've done inside of your house. I'm trying to figure out what to do for our van for Trunk or Treat.

You have an awesome secret pal, you're going to have to post who she was---if she's not blog shy!

Me said...

how cute!!!!! and i love the after pic of the foyer table! BUT i like the place mats on the round table :) AND i like the cracker barrel items. do they look good on top of the orange placemats? and what if you fold and fan out the napkins and put them in the cups?!