October 15, 2008

Very Important Question!

Darren and Hailey- Oct. 2004

Darren has a very important question and I thought I'd get your input....even though I'm usually ALWAYS right and KNOW everything when it comes to Darren :-) I didn't have a clue how to answer this one:

Why are baby sea lions called pups? Shouldn't they be called 'cubs' since they're "lions" not "dogs"??

This revelation was experienced while watching Wonder Pets on Noggin the other night with Jack and Hailey :-)
Any thoughts??
I'm sure he'll sleep better once he knows the reason.
Darren and Jack-Jack - March 2006


Amber said...

I love that top picture! The only thing the full moon did for me was keep me up with heartburn. We ate mexican last night. I ended up getting a trashcan at 3am b/c I thought I might get sick.

So there's my thoughts on the gravitational pull of the moon!

Ben and Tabby said...

Hmmm...maybe because they bark??

Twin Mommy said...

Tabby made a really neat point!! Maybe because they bark! Ha! Never thought of that one. I have no idea though. We watch Wonder Pets too. Have fun on the retreat. We're waiting day by day for news on my grandfather. I cannot risk being away.

Stacia said...

Tabby, Darren thought your answer was very insightful :-)

Sarah said...

I don't know, but my husband does. Does that make me smart by association?

Me said...

hmmm, maybe because the English language is confusing? why make it easy? ha hahaha

Carrie McAllister said...

Being a teacher, I had to research this...this is what I found out. Sea lions seem to look like dogs because of their bigger ear flaps and longer snouts.Sea lions bark constantly to protect their area. When the babies are born, they're called pups. Pups are born with their eyes open and are able to bark first thing. Maybe since they favor dogs in appearance and sound like dogs b/c they bark is why they are called pups and not cubs.Any help?