October 4, 2008

First Halloween Project... Second Post of the Day

I saw this idea on one of the blogs that Ms. Nancy has linked on her site. Bienvenue is a great site full of crafts for your home. It was my first Halloween project and I've been excited to do it for about a month now!! I finally got around to it this week :-)
Start with a branch from the yard....I used a dead one from a dogwood tree.
Spray paint black all over
(I'm sure Darren FREAKED out when he came home and saw that I was spraypainting about 10 feet away from his 1982 Corvette!!)
Then place in a pot with some foam. Put some Spanish moss on top of the foam.
Add some crows to give it a spooky touch...
and some ribbon for a more whimsy look
Stay tuned....I've been working on more :-)


Vader's Mom said...

Cute! That's a wonderful idea.

Ben and Tabby said...

I love that! You are so creative! Can you come to my house!! I wish you girls had been in Gatlinburg with me! I kept thinking that all weekend!

Dawn said...

You are a Halloween nut! Did you know that?! Very cute idea! Love it! :D

Me said...

looks great, girl!!