October 12, 2008

Thanks Ms. Amber!!

Check out Hailey's new Halloween dress!! Ms. Amber made it for her! She made one for Sage and posted about it on her blog and I just thought it was the cutest :-) She sent it to us this weekend and Hailey wore it to church this morning!! She also made one for Allyson, and she wore hers this evening!! I wish we could get all three girls together for a picture. So cute!! Thanks again, Amber!! It was such a hit at church. Everybody was oohhing and aahhing over it! *~*
Halloween Project #3:
I'm lovin' the white pumpkins this year and wanted to paint something on them so yesterday I tried to accomplish my vision :-) I stacked three on top of each other and after three different glues (not working) I just decided to balance them and hope they didn't fall!! I didn't have any floral sticks which I'm sure would have really helped!
My leaning tower of pumpkins:
I printed out 'Trick or Treat' to give me a size and font guide to paint with.
So while the kids ate their lunch outside, I started the painting.... why in the middle first?? I don't know? I think it helped me center it all...
There it is...now I have to take them outside to the front porch but guess what happened?!? The top two were stuck together!! I guess the conglomeration of the glues and the time finally got them sticking :-)
So here it is!! All done but still oh so fragile!! So if you come to my front door don't you dare touch it!!! :-) :-) Maybe I should put some 'Caution' tape around it?!?


Dawn said...

Yes, everyone loved Allyson's dress tonight, too! I didn't get her picture in it, though because it was 9:30 when we got home from dinner and the grocery store! BUT, I will take her picture the next time she wears it and post it! Did I tell you before that you are a Halloween nut!? :D

BTW, my secret pal gave me a Halloween/Birthday basket, too! Hmmm...yours and mine must think alike! :D I already took mine apart. I should have taken a pic of it!

Shannon said...

You've got me wanting to decorate for Halloween and I NEVER decorate for holidays other than Christmas! You and your craftiness!! Come do my apartment and I'll make any cards/papercrafting item you want! =) Love you!

Jennifer said...

I love the dress!! Ben will always be an only child...but I still look at cute girl dresses. The handmade ones are the best!

Ben and Tabby said...

Hailey looks too cute in that dress...and you've got me wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, too! Love the pumpkin tower!

Andrea said...

I love the dresses Amber made. They look so cute on all the girls. You are very crafty. I like all your Halloween decorations. Nirav said I couldn't decorate the outside because he didn't want to attract any trick or treaters to our house.

Me said...

the dress is cute! and try Gorilla Glue!! Works every time :)

Twin Mommy said...

Hey. I had to catch up on my blogs, I read several of your posts at once. I enjoyed your "Thurs. Thoughts". It takes a strong person to not let what others think bother you. You're not a bad mother and no one will ever understand Hailey's delima until their child goes through it. Amazing how everyone has a solultion though, right!! Drives you crazy! You're not selfish at all for wanting another baby Stacia. You're a loving mother that wants to share that love with another baby. Sometimes I feel like I could have twins again and again, I love the girls so much! We are deciding if we're going to have another one ourselves.
The dress was cute! I can't wait until I have a little more time and can start doing crafts and sewing again. I miss being creative. Reading your blog I've found out you're a lot like me, crafty, like to decorate and you're good at it, and you like to keep your home pretty and welcoming.
You're in my prayers.

Doris said...

You really take after your Mom with all of your decorating ideas. Everything looks great and I know it is lots of fun doing it. It gives you personal satisfaction to create something. Just like when I use to sew for myself and the girls.
I saw some pillowcase dresses at the GA Mt Fair Monday. The lady was making them out of vintage pillowcases that had a lot of lace and embroidery on them. So pretty.
Has Hailey's doctor recommended a support group to you? That might help.

Sarah said...

Both of the girls looked so cute in their dresses. You could tell Hailey was so proud of hers. Your white pumpkins are so cool. Very spooky.