October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival!

While I was on the Retreat, Hailey's class went to the Pumpkin Patch!! It was the first time I have ever missed a field trip or class function :-( I was so sad that I couldn't go with her, but her teacher was so sweet and took tons of great pictures for me!!
She was super excited that morning because they were going to get to ride the BIG YELLOW school bus :-) Woo-Hoo!!
Love this picture of her!
Here she is with some of the kids in her class. I think she is the tallest one or close to it!She got a cute little pumpkin painted on her hand. And posed for a picture in the pilgrim cut out! She did this with her papa back in 2005! We've taken her to this pumpkin patch every single year!! They had mazes to crawl through... I'm sure she loved that! Right now one of her favorite things to do is gather the patio chairs and make her own obstacle courses in the backyard and crawl and climb through them with Jack tagging along behind her.
After the pumpkin patch they headed over to a park to have lunch and play on the playground.
My pretty little girl!! I can't believe she's almost 5yrs. old!!!
I'm almost positive this was taken on the ride back to school! I know she had a great time and again... a big THANK YOU to Ms. McAllister for giving me these pictures!
Just a quick little insert from my mom's recent get together... (this part wasn't in my title) She had some ladies over from church and hosted a Pampered Chef party. The consultant is a friend of mine who's son goes to preschool with Jack. It was lots of fun and my mom sure knows how to throw a 'little get together'
I was in charge of the punch with the scary smoke!! We got some dry ice from Publix and used it for the first time to try to get the foggy affect. It worked pretty good. You just have to stay on top of it and keep putting the hot water on it.
She had a great turnout and we got to try really yummy pesto pizzas and a turtle fudge cake. Oh they were so good!
Here's Meshaun licking the spoon and bowl while Michelle prepared the cake topping!! She just couldn't wait like the rest of us had to!!
On Saturday we had our church's Fall Festival out at the Lineberger's house. They live out in Perry on a huge farm and for the past three years we've been doing this at their house and it is always a wonderful event.
I wanted to try to make a 'pumpkin' shaped cake. It wasn't pumpkin flavored, just shaped like one.
Here's my finished product. The top is an ice cream cone covered in icing!I wanted to get pictures of the kids before we left because I knew once we got there it would be really hard.
Here is Jack-Jack!! Can you guess??
He's Buzz Lightyear!
And Ms. Hailey was a super scary Witch!
Her dress even has fiber optic lights running through the skirt!!
Happy Halloween 2008
My Favorite!
This was after about 15 pictures...can you tell they are so ready for me to stop so we can go already!!
Oh, wait...just one more before we go! We have to show off Daddy's handy work! He 'tricked out' our truck for the 'Truck-or-Treating' Once we arrived Hailey immediately hit the trampoline!! At one point the dress even came off and she walked around in just her striped tights and black tshirt!!! Eddie and Ralston are jumping with her in this picture!
Here's Riley!!
He was Robin....his older brother was the Batman in the picture above!! Too cute!
Jack was NOT interested in the trampoline....He's not my daredevil. So off he went to have a little adventure in the woods with Riley! They both fell down right after I took this picture! You can kind of tell Jack is in mid-fall :-)
Hailey however is my daredevil and after the trampoline she wanted to climb the tree house!! We had to convince her she wasn't ready for the zipline!! She did get scared coming down the ladder but her hero of a Daddy got her through it. She was so proud of herself for going up there.
Trick or Treat time!!
Here is Sarah's trunk! Hailey was having a blast and I couldn't keep up with her. I had to run ahead to get this shot of her :-) I finally just let her go and she kept hollering...."This is SO much fun"
Jack was a little more timid... Sometimes Mommy would have to get the candy for him if there was anything too scary in the trunks.
There's Daddy handing out candy.After that they started a HUGE bon fire.... It was beautiful.Allyson (Ariel) and Jack (looking a little rough) were chatting and watching the fire.
Then it was hayride time. I know this picture is blurry but I had to post it because every year (past three) Hailey has ended up sitting in Candy's lap on the hay ride. She wants to ride every time and I either don't or can't and for some reason Candy is always the 'lucky' one :-) And this year Hailey shared her lap with Candy's 39 week prego belly!!
Some of the older kids get to ride in the tractor's front bucket!!
Second time around I got on. Jack had fun and Hailey (behind us with head turned) rode again. It was nice and chilly and a great way to end our evening. ....Daddy however, was riding the 4-wheeler like a maniac! He took me, grandma and some other people for rides. I have to say it was fun but I kept thinking....'if we crash and die our children will be orphans!'
Hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween festivities!! Can't wait till this Friday :-) More fun to come!


Sarah said...

I can tell Hailey had a great time on her field trip. She looks so happy. Your mom never throws a "little" get together. Her party was so much fun. The kids look so cute in there costumes. I especially love the 16th picture. Your bonfire pictures are so cool.

Ben and Tabby said...

So much to say...The kids costumes look great!! I espeically love Hailey's witch costume. She looks so pretty! And I love your pumpkin cake! I may have to try that one for the thing we're having at my mom's house. Glad you guys had a good time!

Jenny said...

Haley's witch costume is beautiful!

Carrie McAllister said...

You're welcome!

Jennifer said...

I see some ideas that I will be borrowing (stealing) for next year!! Buzz and a Witch..they both fly!! Hailey's costume was great!

Dawn said...

I didn't realize that you had made the pumkin cake. It looked great!

Andrea said...

Your pumpkin cake was so cute. I love the kid's costumes. Hailey looks like she had a great time on her field trip. I can't wait until the Halloween party this weekend!

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks like quite a celebration!

Happy blogoversary!

Doris said...

Wow! I think it's "party time" in Warner Robins.
Hailey has a mighty beautiful witch outfit and Jack is so cute as Buzz.
I have always loved the idea of Trunk or treating. That is such a neat place that you go to have the party. Wish we had some young ones up here to do that with.
Did you try the Brownie Pumpkin?
Your cake turned out great.

Me said...

too cute!!! all of it!!!

Twin Mommy said...

What fun!! Our fall festival is this Sat. and I can't wait. I've got to steal your pumpkin cake, I never would have guessed to use an ice cream cone for the stem!

Amber said...

I can't believe her teacher took all those pics! How nice for you. She is looking so long and lean. I love her little witch dress!