October 1, 2008

Girls Night Out & Boys Toys!!

Saturday night was a great time! Jeanette and I have birthday's only a day apart so we went out with our girlfriends to celebrate!! We hit the mexican restaurant first.

They sang Happy Birthday to us and we got to sport these awesome sombreros!! We also got to share a sweet treat with everybody.

After dinner we headed to the little $1 theater to see Mamma Mia! It was really funny (if you are a musical person!) And it was only $1.99!! But just one warning...Pierce Bronson can't sing :-)

Sunday after church I went to a baby shower for a friend at church. She is having a baby boy and is due early November. This is her fourth baby but it's been almost 6 years since she had her last so we wanted to make sure she had everything she needed :-) I had to get some pictures of these cute BAMA gifts she received. They were so cute!!!

This first one is a shirt and burp cloth that says 'I Drool Crimson and White' !!

And of course a little church polo and booties!

Monday was my actual birthday! I'm 27 now...

My sweet friend Sarah wanted to make sure I had some cake on my special day so when I dropped Jack off at preschool she was there with this HUGE cupcake!! It was so pretty.

Then I treated myself to my favorite Starbucks drink... Chocolaty Chip Frappacino with whipped cream! Yum Yum!

When the kids got home from school they helped me celebrate. They sang to me and helped me blow out candles on that awesome cupcake! Then we shared it...it was very good too!!

I got some cute gifts too! My mom got me this apron to hang on my hook in the kitchen for fall. (p.s. the apron is actually hiding our phone jack!)

My cousin, Shannon made this adorable card for me. She is so talented!

This was my birthday basket from my Secret Pal! It was stocked with all kinds of Halloween goodies!!

I thought this pen was too cute!! All the frilly ribbon and ghosts on top! I'll have to hide it from Hailey :-)

I got all kinds of smelly good stuff from my parents and Meshaun. Plus the great dinner on Friday night! Thanks again Mom!!

Sarah started me a new series of Hallmark Christmas ornaments!! This first one is so cute! And Andrea got me some yummy Bath and Body Works lotion and gel!! Thanks girls!!

You might be thinking....what about Darren?!? Well I kind of picked out my gift a little early. I won a hostess reward at a Pampered Chef open house a couple of weeks ago and got to purchase this awesome cookware set at 60% off!! I just couldn't pass it up....I actually wanted a new set last Christmas but didn't find one I liked but this one was great!! Thanks honey! I promise to cook a whole lot more ;-)

Today I went with Jack's class to the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB.

I guess it was still a little bright outside after Jack got off the bus :-) I just love his scrunched up little face!

We got to see all kinds of airplanes on display along with memorabilia from all different time periods.

Jack liked the little ones...I think he thought they were toys. Some of the mannequins were kind of creepy too.
He LOVED the Jeep!! It's like Grandaddy-Great's!!

Some of our attempts at group shots.... they didn't go so well :-)

One of the exhibits was dedicated in honor of a member of our church that passed away a while ago from leukemia. He was such a sweet man and it was so great seeing his name on that plaque! It was the golf tournament exhibit...I know he loved to golf and must have been a big part of it.
Jack enjoying his time at the museum!

Ralston and Caleb even got in one of the jets!

Hope you all continue to have a great week!! It's October!! We get to start breaking out the Halloween decor now!! Yay!!


Me said...

Wow, loved all the pics and the newsy parts!!! Jenny is a Pampered Chef consultant and I have some of that cookware, too. John loves using it to make our scrambled eggs on :) Happy, happy birthday!!! Will I get to meet you Saturday at the luncheon?!

Me said...

oops :) oh well, it would've been fun :) and tell me, did you make that adorable header on scrapblog????

Ben and Tabby said...

Fun!! Looks like you had a great birthday! I love all the halloween stuff you got and that apron is too cute!

Aren't you glad you get to go with Jack on his field trips?

Amber said...

I think you had the coolest birthday in the world! The cookware alone is incredible!!!! I'm in dire need of that! I'm the kind of girl that totally loves getting kitchen stuff for bdays/Christmas. No vacuums or irons, but kitchen related items are ok.

I love how everyone loved on you for your special day (except for those stupid friends that actually speak to you on your birthday and manage to forget that it's your birthday).

Jenny said...

You will LLOOVVEE the cookware! I used to be a consultant and earned it last year. It's wonderful!!!!

I'm glad you had a great birthday!

Twin Mommy said...

My goodness, are your days and weeks always so busy? Life with kids! Glad you had a great b-day, my goodness were you showered with gifts! Friends and family are priceless. Check out Dawn's recent blog post, I left her a message about the retreat. Just so someone knows I may be stopping by!

Andrea said...

Wow, you've been really busy! You got a lot of great gifts. I love the cookware set. Love all your fall stuff too. You and Dawn make me want to go shopping for some fall stuff for my house.

Dawn said...

Wow! You got some great gifts! You are truly loved by everyone and you deserve it! :D

Cool field trip pics!

Bry and Joe said...

I love the cupcake Sarah gave you!! It's so pretty!!! And your new pampered chef stuff is awesome!! It looks like you had a great birthday! :)

Vader's Mom said...

I hope you had a wonderful wonderful birthday. The cupcake looks yummy!!!

I love the burp cloth. It's adorable - I miss being able to buy fun BAMA gear. I'm stuck with Texas A&M and UT (Texas). It's a bummer.

And I'm so excited! I've been to that museum!!! How fun!